przestrzen rownolegla

pestshen roovnolegwa

an abstract point on the map of Warsaw

PL version

An abstract art gallery, created from a painting studio. Paint-splattered rooms, a kitchen, narrow corridors - this is not “white cube”. However the studio space has been adapted to the appropriate reception of artworks. ...and kept her identity. A super fresh initiative that is just being created - in 2021.

przestrzeń równoległa pracownia adamczyka


przestrzeń równoległa obrazy abstrakcyjne


przestrzeń równoległa warszawska galeria


created by painters

exhibitions and their language is a narrative of the authors themselves, often the matter itself takes a voice. Sometimes silence speaks

przestrzeń równoległa nowe miejsce w wilanowie

our goal

direct dialogue between the author and the recipient, without the mediation of social multimedia and anonymity.


please come and join us every Sunday

from 1pm to 7pm